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Getting 400 in Combat Skill

Guest Trazom

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This is not a bug report but just a discussion if this is offi-like or not.

It is very hard to get the last point (i.e. 400 at lvl 80) in combat skill. After about 2h of trying to get this last point unarmed, I checked the code.

1/ In Player::UpdateCombatSkill (player.cpp line 5027).

The formula is the following

   float chance = float(3 * lvldif * skilldif) / plevel;
       if(getClass() == CLASS_WARRIOR || getClass() == CLASS_ROGUE)
           chance *= 0.1f * GetStat(STAT_INTELLECT);

   chance = chance < 1.0f ? 1.0f : chance;                 //minimum chance to increase skill is 1%

lvldif is at most 14 (if fighting a mob of lvl 85).

skilldiff = 1

plevel = 80.

=> chance = 1.0% (if not warrior or rogue. BTW i've read that intelligence no longer influence this chance for them, but this is not the purpose of my post)

So there is 1 chance out of 100 to call UpdateWeaponSkill

2/ UpdateWeaponSkill just call UpdateSkill

3/ In UpdateSkill (player.cpp line 4813)

There is another random draw as follow

   if (value*512 < max*urand(0,512))

value=399, max=400 and urand returns an integer between 0 and 511.

This expression may only be try if urand returns 511. So there is only 1 chance out of 512 of being true.

=> to get the last point, the probability is 1/100 * 1/512 = 1/51200.

Even with one shot every second, the meantime to get this last points is about 7h.

Is there anybody out there with offi experience who can confirm that it shall be so long?

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Its very offy like, believe me, trying to get that last skill point to 400 takes forever because its kinda random chance. I've heard people taking 800-1000 swings or more to get that last skill point on offy. Look at the comments for the skill achievements on wowhead. I've actually given up on offy for a few characters because it takes so long, you just have to try to skill up on boss fights for a few weeks and hope you get it or go afk attacking a big mob with someone healing you.

What stats increase chance to get a skill point at 80 and by how much?

It used to be int, but now no stats increases your chance to skill up I believe. The int change was a long long time ago.

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