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MangosTwo: Mangosd crash because of quests in DB



Helle there,

First of all, I would like to thank all the people behind the curtain, who have been working hard on this project for so long. Thank you very much.


Now I have been getting this weird mangosd crash whenever I try to enter the world with a character that have an active quest or have done a quest.

What I mean is : when I click "enter world" the loading bar stops at 99 or 100% while mangosd crashes.

If I create a new character and enter the world : it works fine

If I have a character, say lvl 10 with 3 active quests : it will crash

If I have the same lvl 10 character with no active quests but with 3 finished quests (in the database) : it will crash.


I have to delete all the lines in "character_queststatus" to be able to enter the world without mangosd crashing.


I have no clue rather this is something related to the database or not, but I am pretty sure my database is up to date as I got cloned it.

I aslo tried redownloading/compliling mangostwo but to no avail, only change is a red message saying my core is not up to date, but other thant that it works just the same as it did before.


This is not a major issue as the game works fine anyway, my main intent is to share it with the people in charge/anyone that would be having the same issue.


Thank you for your time and a nice day to you all.

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20 hours ago, Necrovoice said:

This was fixed witht he latest version of Mangos TWO. Please clone and rebuild.  It will fix your issue.

Mangosd doesn't seem to crash anymore, thank you very much.

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