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What's the initial value for realmd.realmlist table?



There's no data for realmd.realmlist table in current database version(mangostwo).

or can you tell me what's the value for realmd.realmlist.realmbuilds? 


I've tried to use '12340' or '', but while i came into The Dark Portal to Hellfire, it's told me that : you must have The Burning Crusade expansion installed to access this area.

while my client is 3.3.5a(12340). also i cann't create dk character.

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Just now, onixiya said:

ype that command in the mangosd console and try testing it out


4 minutes ago, onixiya said:

account create name password 2

type that command in the mangosd console and try testing it out

Fail with nothing output.  And no new-created name in the realmd.account table. 

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3 minutes ago, onixiya said:

how did you make a account then if account create didn't work?

My fault. Now can work with your command.  And It's equivalent to "update realmd.account set expansion=2 where id=MY_ACCOUNT_ID"

Last time maybe i'm trying to enter The Dark Portal and both mangosd-server/wow-client are stuck there.


however, I still cant be transport to Hellfire. (server is " Mangos Two Server 0.21.GitHub").  Anything else to be set?

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2 minutes ago, antz said:

If you use the windows database to load the database and leave option 'L' as Yes, there is an additional script which is run:



The SQL script is located in:


I believe the linux load database scripts are missing a call to this vital file

Get it, Thanks.

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