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Guides for compiling (outside of EasyBuild)



I've been scouring the forums trying to find settings for VB (such as what additional source files to include, etc.) if I want to do the compile with in VB instead of using EasyBuild but can't find anything. Are there any? Reason being, if I'm doing development in specific areas, I want to do the compile within VB - not in EasyBuild so I can test things. 

I was trying a few things but I think I'm missing the OpenSSL in the additional includes and I can't for the life of me figure out where to put that in VB Studio 2015. It used to be off File > Preferences in 2014, but they must have moved it. 

Surely other people are doing test compiles in VB, right? 

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I understand. But EasyBuild also seems to do the compile as well (granted I see that can uncheck the compile option). 

In my defense (and I do apologize), I'm about 5 years out of date with MaNGOS. I'm picking up my old MaNGOS code and the project and starting to poke around again. I had stepped away from MaNGOS back when we were just introducing cMake and moving over to git (maybe git was more than 5 years ago - I can't recall) full tilt. 

Just a bit of historic introduction: I am the same Shinzon (aka: Ruafo) that worked with Xeross on MangChat. 

You'd think that stepping back into the development saddle would be like riding a bike, but it's clearly been too many diaper changes and penetration tests (most of my time has been spent raising my kids and working in Cybersecurity). But... I'm trying. LOL

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