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server kicks player after 20 seconds



after around 20 seconds player gets kicked from server with timing check error, report below;-

Handle data
Brumm failed timing check. Action: Kick
SESSION: opcode CMSG_WARDEN_DATA (0x02E7) have unprocessed tail data (read stop at 8 from 12)
The value of player Brumm at save:
HP is:                  60              MP is:                  0
AGILITY is:             20.000000               STRENGTH is:            23.000000
INTELLECT is:           20.000000               SPIRIT is:              20.000000
STAMINA is:             22.000000
Armor is:               42              Block is:               4.840000
HolyRes is:             0               FireRes is:             0
NatureRes is:           0               FrostRes is:            0
ShadowRes is:           0               ArcaneRes is:           0
MIN_DAMAGE is:          9.007143        MAX_DAMAGE is:          11.007143
MIN_OFFHAND_DAMAGE is:  0.000000        MAX_OFFHAND_DAMAGE is:  0.000000
MIN_RANGED_DAMAGE is:   2.571429        MAX_RANGED_DAMAGE is:   3.571429
ATTACK_TIME is:         2900            RANGE_ATTACK_TIME is:   2000
Player: channels cleaned up!
Remove player Brumm from grid[15,31]
Player: channels cleaned up!


this happens with all players and accounts ( I created 2nd account to test) does anyone know why please?

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just trying to run it for the first time and was always kicked after 20 seconds. no modifications made just followed the build instructions. created a second account to try  and same occured on this account also.

I did have to run easybuild twice though - the second time after antz asked for the log as realmd and mangos were missing, however they appeared after i ran easy build the second time

disabled warden in the config and now it's working fine

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