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Mangos One (TBC) Question


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I have been looking for days now. I am sure the answer is somewhere, but the emulation community is quite convoluted and I'm genuinely having trouble locating the answer to this question. So as a last-ditch effort, I will ask here with hopes of getting help from the experts.

Of the TBC Mangos devs out there, does anyone have an estimation of how much of TBC raids/dungeons are scripted properly?

I am not quite an expert in being able to navigate Github, so the best I can do is look at updates and try to determine if the project is still active or not (which it appears that it still is).

Does anyone have a good estimate, or know if any glaring issues still actively plaguing the core? (As all cores have issues from my understanding from the whole "labor of love" aspect).

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One could start such estimation counting instance scripts (script_binding, type=10). Without such a script, proper save of the dungeon state is impossible. It's not critical though for dungeons without boss priority and doors to control. MangosOne has 43 entries, and that is about 10 entries off: in Auchindoun, TK, and elsewhere.

The next step of a quick estimation is just the total source code size in a dungeon folder of SD3, divided by the boss number. Then you can expect some disappointment from Sholo, Sunken Temple, DM, ZF, Hyjal and perhaps several others. For example, (IIRC) mine nodes in Hyjal must appear to the raid after completion only; I do not believe that it's implemented (and do not see any implementation at a quick glance).

What you can be nearly assured, is that all dungeons are completable. The playing experience is another thing... typical issues: missing atmospheric encounters, textes, visuals (due to missed spells), simplified fight mechanics, missing some boss spells ("not implemented in the core"). All this pertains to the most open source projects.

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