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Can't update DB to Rel22_02_001



Hi everyone,

I am stuck on my first install of mangos two. I can't seem to apply the last update of the Character database (Rel22_02_001_add_character_createdDate_column).
All previous updates step went (almost) flawlessly (Had to force 21000_02_db_version.sql of Rel20_to_BaseRel21, and Rel21_02_002 & Rel21_02_003 failed but didn't prevent the next patches) up to Rel22_01_001_Revision_22.sql which is my current DB version.


I can't seem to find any logged error in my logfiles, not even on mysql.log (except the connection interrupting from mangosd every 10secs).

The update to Rel22_02_001_add_character_createdDate_column.sql is stuck on *UPDATE FAILED* without any detail.


Does anyone encoutered the same issue ? Thanks for your input !

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I just attempted a fresh install of the character Database and it seems to have installed fine.

The character database was rolled up to its mose current version Rel22_02_001. Any fresh installs should install this version automatically and not require an update. Unless I misread and its not a fresh install?

If this is not a fresh install check your character tables db_version (The error says it should say Rel22_1_001. If that is corect, you cna apply Rel22_2_001  manually untill we have a moment to look into this.
Hope this helps.

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Hey, thank you for your answer.
You did read correctly, It was a fresh install.

Don't know what I did wrong on the initial setup but it did ask me to update the db on first launch.
I have started from scratch, rebuilt MaNGOS, cleared the DB, and indeed, world, realm and character DB are now all up to date without having to apply any of them...
Except that mangosd won't launch because of 'locales' databases being empty.


I am using the "get_mangos" script to build mangos (had no issue with zero and one versions), perhaps i'm using the wrong branch as it prompts me to chose between GMTicket and master ? (I chose master)

Kind regards,

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