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Recommended Client for Mangos?


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So being a complete neophyte when it comes to this private server stuff I just wanted to test out the WOW SP experience ASAP to see if I could invest myself in it, and so I downloaded the SSP-ClassicsV2 repack and used my existing Warmane WTLK-3.35 client. 

I still have no idea if it even matters which client you use. All I can say is that combination, although initially stable and fine, soon turned into an unstable abomination, with quirks not limited to the following: 

-Intermittent server crashing

-Characters flying through walls and inside cities, swimming around in mid-air.

-Sounds not matched to the correct mode of transportation (pitter-patter instead of cloppity-clop)

-Characters with the appearance of a small checkered box. 

-Unable to learn some spells despite meeting the requirements.

-Weird Goblin inn music/ranting playing in cities from which there is no escape. 

-Malfunctioning RDF tool. 

-Lots of AI standing around like stunned mullets. 

-Lvl 5 Alliance in Silvermoon starting zones staring blankly into the wind. 

-Freezing in place in every random BG then crashing the server if you click on anything after relogging. 

Etc, etc. 


I figure this is the games way of telling me I have done something terribly wrong. Seeing as though I've left virtually every setting at default for server and Mangobots addon, I'm now guessing the warmane client wasn't such a good idea after all. 


I understand that one should not expect support for repacks, which is completely understandable. I'm more or less looking for a correct client to use as a foundation not only for repacks but eventually for the core builds listed here. I'm just trying to start small and the repack seemed like the most accessible option.   


PS. I'm currently downloading the Sunwell WTLK client from Zremax website. Hopefully I have better luck with this one lol. 

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53 minutes ago, antz said:

@ReefyMaPupset Repacks from other projects are not supported here, i would suggest contacting the author of the repack for help.

The issue is not necessarily the client, but rather the server code.

Hey Antz, Thanks for the reply. 

I would love to contact the author but the site and forum I got it from seems completely abandoned and overrun by spam bots. Worse is that I don't have an active phone to get any help from Discord. 

I have since found out that all of these issues are like you said, inherent to the server and not the client. 

I downloaded the MangosTwo server from here but am having some troubles getting it going. More accurately I'm stuck at the create database interface. Seems I have missed some crucial step. I need to have a look at the wiki to get the basics of using these Cores. Cheers! 

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