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Resource extraction problem, mangos-two 3.3.5a



I downloaded 3.3.5a (12340) zhCN client in wowdl, and dbc component.wow-zhCN.txt displays after extracting resources

<componentinfo format="1">

<component name="wow-zhcn" version="13507" />


Cause the prompt of DBC inconsistency after starting the Mangos server

please help me


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1 minute ago, tutengjun said:

我在wowdl下载了3.3.5a(12340)zhCN客户端,解压后出现dbc component.wow-zhCN.txt


<component name="wow-zhcn" version="13507" />


导致启动Mangos服务器 后提示DBC不一致



Add: After I changed component version="13507" to 12340, the mangos server can be started normally, and the server appears online, but I can't connect

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40 minutes ago, antz said:

@图腾君 你能附上你的问题的截图吗?

Thank you for your reply. I have solved the problem and provided you with a screenshot of the problem

In the extracted DBC directory


wow-zhcn Is 13507(I confirm that the extracted client is 12340, but in zhCN)


After that, start Mangosd and prompt the DBC version error


After I change 13507 in Figure 2 to 12340, the service starts normally and is ready to play


Mangos did not have the same error again


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