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[Vmaps] Only arenas and bgs

Guest pelle

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I'd like to know how activate vmaps and collision system only for arenas and bgs.

I tried a shearch but... searching "vmaps arena bg only" are 20+ pages.

(PS: wtf why the search is not "x and y and z" but "x or y or z"?)

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How much can this influence in the following scenarios:

1. Cpu performance

2. Memory usage

3. Network usage/performance

4. Maybe some other that i don't see

Am refering to vmap.ignoremapids = "530,571,169,37,369,451,13,30,1,0"

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correction map: 169

Ah crap, read that as a "1".

As for performance: Disabling vmaps on "active-ish" maps of course yields better performance. Memory/bandwidth aren't really issues with vmaps enabled - CPU is more what you'll be spending, as the calculations are rather heavy.

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