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Get ZoneID From DB Coordinates

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Thanks for your code sample.

If i understand this correctly, you display a playermap.

Getting the correct coordinates for a player on a map is relative easy, since the zoneid(mapid) is stored for each player. And therefore you can use the following formula:

Orional post (Map coorts to zone ones)

$vars[$i]['x'] = ($row['y']-$y_min)/(($y_max-$y_min)/100);

$vars[$i]['y'] = ($row['x']-$x_min)/(($x_max-$x_min)/100);


$vars[$i]['x'] = 100 - ($row['y']-$y_min)/(($y_max-$y_min)/100);

$vars[$i]['y'] = 100 - ($row['x']-$x_min)/(($x_max-$x_min)/100);

The y_min, y_max, x_min and x_max can be retrieved from WorldMapArea.dbc.

This still leaves me with the problem that i am not able to distill the zoneid from a coordinate set(x,y) stored in the database.

If i am incorrect let me know since in this case i really want to be wrong ^_^

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I am trying to create a wowhead like system where u visually can see where a creature/gameobject/player is spawned/located.

Calculating the zone specific coordinates goes fine using the formula's from the core.

My main problem which sounds easy is getting the zoneid, i thought using the values from the WorldMapArea and matching those against the coordinates in the database would get me the zone.

After this i have been browsing through the code and bumped into the grid system which is way to large for my simple needs.

A good read of the core maybe would give me the awnser but i am not that familiar with it so it would take me a long time.

Therefore i ask if there is some sort of formula to get the zoneid from the coordiantes stored in the database.

ps: already searched several times with no usable results, if there is an awnser post the link please.

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i written alread a playermap with zonebase, all values are calculated manuelly so it could be wrong calculation and not exactly position, but doesn't matter to have 100% correct locations;)

if you would like i could give you a link to the preview :)

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a small preview of the site ( the aktual version is not loaded so the lvl is not displayed :/ )



i calculateted for every zone an offset and a zoom faktor

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