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[fix][8535] Player::SendAurasForTarget

Guest SilverIce

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this patch will correct show spell charges/stack amount

Who has been writing this patch? Me

SMSG_AURA_UPDATE_ALL and SMSG_AURA_UPDATE packets has almost same structure, but SMSG_AURA_UPDATE_ALL used to send all existing auras.

It used when some unit became visible for player.

that format was already corrected at [8029] - i just make the same changes for SMSG_AURA_UPDATE_ALL

--- a/src/game/Player.cpp
+++ b/src/game/Player.cpp
@@ -18480,7 +18480,10 @@ void Player::SendAurasForTarget(Unit *target)
                    // level
                    data << uint8(aura->GetAuraLevel());
                    // charges
-                    data << uint8(aura->GetAuraCharges());
+                    if (aura->GetAuraCharges())
+                        data << uint8(aura->GetAuraCharges() * aura->GetStackAmount());
+                    else
+                        data << uint8(aura->GetStackAmount());

                    if(!(auraFlags & AFLAG_NOT_CASTER))

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