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[Bug] Wound Poison healing reduce not correctly calculated

Guest mrlocus

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It's a real shame this bug still exists in 0.12. I was hoping with the new dispel by aura, not stack fix this would somehow get fixed but it hasn't yet. It's pretty game breaking too :/

I was able to get a patch for it once, however the patch was very bad since it would really break lots of other spells and many, many trinket effects but it did fix Wound Poison.

Does anyone by chance have a patch or written for this bug or would like to look into it? It's just a really makes Rogue's underpowered against many healing classes. I know the original commit that fixed the bug for 3.x clients was 7049: http://github.com/mangos/mangos/commit/5a3cbf063f5d53331eb338af1a8c1ff948d3b21f but it was never backported.

Also sorry for bumping a few month old topic. >_<

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