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Disabling Learning Spells

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So I made a thread a long time ago about disabling talents, but people got confused and thought I wanted to disable ALL talents. Basically I wanted to find a way to disable certain spells, eg: Burning Crusade talents. I know the talents work as aura spells so I tried the [spell disable patch] which works fine with trying to cast spells--so in this case you could spend your talents on them but supposedly they wouldn't do anything.

However, I'm looking for something to error and prevent you to learn or train talents on a certain spell.

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I suggest you have a look at the talent learning code (Dunno where you can find it though) and then just search for the part that takes away talent points and gives people talent auras and then comment that out, possibly returning an error instead (like not enough talentpoints).

Yeah I looked all through Player.cpp for some learning stuff, didn't fine much of use. I'm going to be looking again soon at it, just haven't had the time during the week :(

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hey i've found a way to do this :

you have to use a dbc editor

open Talent.dbc

And you can change the field2 i've put 10 on all the talent i doesn't want

Field2 is the talent requiered in the same three to access of this one.

you have to multipli by 5 the number so if you put 10 this talent will requiert 50.

Since my server is level limited we havent to much talent point so "10" was enough to "turn off" the talent.

basicly all talent that have 7-8 are BC and 9-10 are Wotlk !

GL ;)

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