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Retail GMs Display

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So for those who play retail understand how you'll never see the official GMs in the WHO list, etc. While the very rarely will make public appearances to see them in-game, they won't display themselves onto the WHO list or anything of that sort. Well the PTR(Public test realm) for patch 3.3 is currently running and about 7 WoW Developers decided to make public appearances. WoWInsider reported them as in the guilds WoW Devs and Blizzard Entertainment, so I got online to see them.

They display in the WHO list as <GM>Namehere unlike a normal name.

Screenshot: http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/4808/screenshot20091104at838.png

Source: http://twitter.com/WoWInsider/status/5435450197

Is this something we would want to put into MaNGOS to keep in synced with bl1zz-like or no?

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