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Is There Something Wrong With Sourceforge

Guest XEQT

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Every link that goes to sourceforge dosent work for me when i use TortoiseSVN.

All other links works but NONE of the sourceforge. Is there some one else that hase been out for this problem ?

I have even tried to changed DNS and use the IP only but without success !!??

If i am the only one i would like to know so or if there are others !.


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Well, Sourceforge is on the process of moving its servers... So, the statistic server is down and it looks like they have some problem with their traffic-checking system.

From tickets I've seen, it looks like they blocked some IP because they generated too much trafic... Maybe their stats were incorrect or maybe some parts of the projects are too big... When I checked size on disk of my whole SVN dir (mangos + scriptdev+...), it reached 1Gb...

Maybe doing updates/diff/checkouts/... only on the trunk may help... Best you can do is open a support ticket on the sourceforge server... The most people will open tickets, the more chance they'll notice there is something wrong in their IP-blocking system...

(BTW, I also got blocked...)

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