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I suggest, you are a paranoic person. Mathematical random still means that it is possible to get a dice roll with 6 up 10 times straigh one after each other. The rolling is then still random, although it seems to be rolled by a cheater. :D

As it is pretty hard to code a real good (in terms of value gaps beween the roll results) "random" generator, you could go and try to code a more "random" gen yourself, or just let it be as it is, because then it is still "random".

A suggestion: use -> /rnd 1000 or /rnd 5000 That gives you more chance to get a wider value gap between results.

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I'm paranoic about random generator too, before Mersenne Twister I've used my own random generator based on openssl, I and players was happy.

When Mersenne Twister came in, players started to complain that drop is quite not interesting, two or more identical items may drop from boss oftenly.

Recently I did openssl based generator once again, and everything is fine now.

Well imho Mersenne Twister also sux.

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