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[Revision 9702]Bugged items

Guest shinra

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All Spell IDs that will get teached, example: 61230 (Armored Blue Wind Rider) will teach 61229 (Armored Snowy Gryphon)

That won't be a big problem but such like 60021 (Plagued Proto-Drake) will teach 60020 (Freezing Cloud - Deals 5000 Frost damage immediately and 2500 Frost damage per sec. afterwards. Lasts 10 sec.)

And something like above would end up in ppl exploiting...

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spells part fixed in [9701]

durability related absend porper item data conversion at client switch. But it cirrupt only current durability so not nice, bit not so critical. Item 'data' field have same size but small values offset in tail.

That why impossible write safe fix quary working _after_ switch and some time use. Just impossible sort items by old and new.

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Also my testers are saying that when they use the offhand weapon, it is not counting in their base stats like AP or base damage.

Also you say the items was fixed in 9701, but I'm using 9702 and there are some problems still with some items that cast spells like for example:




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The problem appeared in 9701, not 9702, just tested to make sure.

I'm not an expert, but maybe this cause the problem?

    float basePointsPerLevel = spellProto->EffectRealPointsPerLevel[effect_index];
-    int32 basePoints = int32(effBasePoints + level * basePointsPerLevel);
+    int32 basePoints = effBasePoints ? *effBasePoints - 1 : spellProto->EffectBasePoints[effect_index];
+    basePoints += int32(level * basePointsPerLevel);
    int32 randomPoints = int32(spellProto->EffectDieSides[effect_index]);
    float comboDamage = spellProto->EffectPointsPerComboPoint[effect_index];

Looks like i was right,

chaning that to,

    int32 basePoints = effBasePoints ? *effBasePoints /*- 1*/ : spellProto->EffectBasePoints[effect_index];
   basePoints += int32(level * basePointsPerLevel);

solved the problem.

But this is not the proper way to fix it.

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what spells and exact number of revision

It seems that I was incorrect as of 9709.

I am working on SQL queries to undo the damage. So far the SQL to undo Mount damage is done. Damage done by profession formulae, patterns, etc still exists.

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I apologize for double posting but I felt that my contribution would warrent it.

I have generated a list of queries that will undo all of the damage done by this bug. It is presently untested but it covers all professions and mounts, deleting the spell that it was intended to teach plus one.

I'll be testing this shortly.

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