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[dev] Random Battleground

Guest DJNefast

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hi guys,

i work on 3.3.3 random battlegrounds, i give u step of my dev :)

Warning, my core is 9313 rev with many improvements of next revs but not all then it's not sure this is full compatible with daily cores

Rev 1 : You can join Queues

rev 2: generate the right map !

rev 3 : correct amount of honor gained by RBattleground in BuildBattleGroundListPacket function

rev 4 : you cannot join queue if : you are in queue for other bg, you want to go in queue but you are in queue for RBG

rev 5 : handle random bg differently

rev 6 : remove hacky fix on BattleGroundMgr.cpp, i'll take proper way this evening

rev 7 : generate random map (some problems in queue i think)

rev 8 : All works :) Enjoy

rev 9 : fix alone join bug (sorry, forget it in dev branch :P)

repo : http://github.com/nerzhul/MangosOpenDev/tree/RandomBG

Works succesfully. If you have any questions or issues write here

1 persistent bug for those bg (my queue for RB is 1 to 40 players :) :

proc bgs are only 1v1 players :S

You need to relog when you are teleported to can join another time a queue

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as i say i have 9313 rev core, with many updates from myself and good repos (valhalla, insider and trinitycore (joke not this xD))

then my core is very very outdated for you, it's why i take you hand patch weak to implement

MangosFX repo will be opensource when my server get 1000 players not before (6days uptime with 120 players , many improvements and CORBA project on mangos :P) and also LibDevFS which is a great upgrade of ScriptDev2 with many improvements and fastly to code IA's

EDIT : revision 4 coming, queues are now properly handled

i'm creating mangos fork for u guy :) but support is done by forum and instant update are there, not on git :) next time i wish


it's on git

not all because mangos hasn't all my methods like reset BGDaily :)

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urgl ? i don't have this bug :) i've found group bug me i can't join if i'm in a group, i must support it later :S

oh my god :) i forget to drop one thing in the repo patch xD

after that you can join alone

in battlegroundhandler.cpp


if (!_player->HasFreeBattleGroundQueueId() || _player->HasFreeBattleGroundQueueId() && bgTypeId == BATTLEGROUND_RB)


if (!_player->HasFreeBattleGroundQueueId())

EDIT: repo updated

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