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[Bug] GO already in use

Guest Turok

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Mangos Version: 9792

Custom Patches: None

SD2 Version: 1679

Database Name and Version : UDB Rev. 390

I had this bug already a long time but never really found out what is causing this.

If you try to loot a go (for collect quest) sometimes the loot doesn't open. If you try to loot again you only get the message "this is already in use".

Object I tried: http://www.wowhead.com/object=183394 but same applies on herbs

This only happens if the distance between you and the go is more than 5 yards.

Client shows go as lootable (cursor changes) already at about 5.7 yards. (using .distance command).

It seems like the problem is caused because in object.h INTERACTION_DISTANCE is set to 5.0 but client-side distance check is about 5.7(?). I changed to 5.7 in the code and the bug is fixed for me.

Can somebody confirm this? Sorry if this has already been reported I tried to search but couldn't find anything related.

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