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[Question]Outdated Skill?


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I started using Mangos, UDB and SD2 (and eventAI/acid later) when the client was somewhere around 2.3.x.

Think Mangos was around milestone 0.9 then if I remember correctly.

Me and some 10-15 other accounts (family & friends) are still enjoying playing, and are very very thankfull to all that make this possible.

I still have my very first realmd DB and character DB in use (dating +- 2 dec 2007).

Now runing rev 9765 atm, always having applied sql updates along the way, with great care.

(Big 'salute!' to you guys, since it shows that all realmd & characters sql-updates were/are nearly flawless! :))

Not a single character on this server has ever had any gm-commands intervention in terms of stats/gear/spells/... .

And core has never recieved any other patches than SD2.

Yet is seems that some chars have some skills wich don't exist anymore.


2010-04-26 17:45:27 ERROR:Character 79 has skill 40 that does not exist.

After checking here:


It indeed doesn't list 'skill 40'

(I have no idea what 'skill 40' actually was)

Some older(<-edit) chars do have these skills though in the DB, and one guid even learned it to max skill:


Small possibility I missed an sql-update along the years, or one didn't get fully applied (but I think not (and hope not)).

Should that not be the case, adding somethin like:

DELETE FROM character_skills where skill=40;

to the sql-updates of the char DB might be a good idea I think.

Let alone for the long-time users who like to keep things clean. :)



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maybe there is some outdated spell in playercreateinfo_spell table

You can try figure this out by comparing characters with this skill with characters without this skill

This can be case, indeed. This table filled by mangos team and not have related wrong spell for learn poison skill but possible you have wrong data in it.

As sollution you can copy related table fill form mangos.sql and apply it after drop current table content in DB (make backup DB ofc before).

If this not show for new characters then just need look specific character character_spell content for wrong spells and remove.

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Ok, thanks for the feedback guys.

It's good to know where it originated from, and that the mentioned querry can be executed safely. :)

Though, a question still remains: Since mangos maintains the character DB, shouldn't this querry be added to the sql-updates?

-The skill, like mentioned here, doesn't exist anymore at all.

-Characters-databases not having any guids with this skill, won't be hurt with running the querry. While (older) characters-databases that do have guids with this skill, will recieve a mini cleanup with running the querry, wich can only be a good thing imho.

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