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[9852] Spells are not immediatly affected by AP / SP

Guest dardennf

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Hi, first I'd like to say I'm not sure about what I say, so tell me if I'm wrong :).

Is it normal that spells which scale with Attack Power or Spellpower are not immediatly increased (or decreased) after some modifications of your stats ?

Eg :

Cast Rend, damages => XXX

Unequip a weapon => still XXX damages

Cast rend without your weapon (the same you've unequip) => YYY (YYY is lower than XXX).

Does it work as expected ?

Hope you can understand (and sorry for my english).

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why should it change if you already cast a spell? I mean its on target, why any caster side changes should affect it? Periodic doesn't mean re-evaluate all bonuses on each damage dealing.. at least according to my info current way is how it should be

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