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Db Data For Spells 45401 And 45403

Auntie Mangos

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What bug does the patch fix? What features does the patch add? Implement proc rate for spells 45401 and 45403

For which SubVersion revision was the patch created? 6730+

Link to the Thread in the bug report section? http://getmangos.eu/community/viewtopic.php?id=29354

Who has been writing this patch Malah

DELETE FROM spell_proc_event WHERE entry IN(45401);
INSERT INTO `spell_proc_event` VALUES
DELETE FROM spell_proc_event WHERE entry IN(45403);
INSERT INTO `spell_proc_event` VALUES

according to wowhead data:

proc rate - 1.24 ppm

internal cooldown - 45 seconds

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No, 45401 and 45403 not have any spell proc auras and so adding this data useless.

Instead must be spells that _triggering_ this spells casting.

I not check 45401 case, but for 45403:

spell triggred at enchantment applied from item 34538 (spell 45395)

enchantment id = 3265 base at SpellItemEnchantments.dbc this applied spell 45396.

Bad side for this that spell 45396 not exists :/

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It seems that blizz servers do not use .dbc's exclusively... Maybe there are some spells which are not in DBC but are handled manually in their core? Maybe they have an exception for example 45396 spell which checks for players location (isle or 2 new instances) and only if they are there the aura is applied.

It's pure speculation, but it's the best i can think of.

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DBC - Data Base Client ... so it is almost obvious that there must exist some DBS :-) That are more complete, used by offi servers - and 'private'.

We are just lucky that heavy snowstorm decided that their client needs so much data to for correct display and usage of spells (and other things).

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