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mangos sql update generator

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This is a perl script that creates a combined file a for all updates between the specified interval (one for each db), so you don't have to apply them one by one:

use strict;

my $desc = "Generates a combined SQL file with all MaNGOS updates between specified revisions.";
my $usage = "Usage: $0 <first_rev> <last_rev>";
die "$desc\\n\\n$usage\\n" if $#ARGV != 1;

my $first_rev = int($ARGV[0]);
my $last_rev = int($ARGV[1]);
die "error: Invalid parameters.\\n\\n$usage\\n" if $first_rev == 0 || $last_rev == 0;

sub generate
   my ($filename, @file_list) = @_;
   print "generating $filename\\n";
   open(FOUT, ">$filename");
   foreach my $srcfile (@file_list)
       if ($srcfile =~ m/^(\\d+)/)
           if ($1 >= $first_rev && $1 <= $last_rev)
               print "-- adding $srcfile\\n";
               open(FIN, "<$srcfile");
               print FOUT "-- [ $srcfile ] --\\n";
               print FOUT <FIN>;
               print FOUT "\\n";
   print "\\n";

my $rev_interval = "$first_rev-$last_rev";

&generate("mangos_WORLD_$rev_interval.sql", glob "*_mangos_*.sql");
&generate("mangos_CHAR_$rev_interval.sql", glob "*_characters_*.sql");
&generate("mangos_REALM_$rev_interval.sql", glob "*_realmd_*.sql");

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Something as simple as below does the job.

This is another way to update the world db, the same script can be cloned to update the char db.


MYSQL="$(which mysql)"

for i in *mangos*.sql
   echo "--- Update $i"
   $MYSQL -u$DBU -p$DBP -D $DBWORLD < $i

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Question regarding this topic.

What if I put all the necessary update SQL files in one folder, and do "cat *.sql" to concatenate them into one big SQL file?

It worked fine until a few months ago. Yeah, it's a very primitive way of doing it though.


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Not all sql updates safe apply without reading notes. Some weeks ago have some that specially notes check DB name compatibility before apply.

So you anyway need read related commit notes before apply sql update

Yes that's true, for example sometimes the databse name is hardly coded in the script, if you have changed the default db names you can run in deep trauma...

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When you do that, maybe you could add a suffix such as "11293_mangos_command_WARNING.sql" or something you want. Do the sql updates need to have exactly the same file name form?

Yes something like that will permit to handle special cases and also to automate the updates.

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