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GM or Admin MaNGOS Addon

Guest cajkan

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Keep in mind that MangAdmin is no longer under development and the project at GoogleCode is two years old.

You will find functions that do not work, if you can get it to load with current client versions.

The developer has since moved on to create TrinityAdmin, which can work with MaNGOS, but it may need some modifications to be fully compatible.

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I have been testing out the admin addons with v3.3.5a and finding all sorts of problems.

TrinityAdmin was the one that worked the best so far so I have been using that and have started modifying it to work correctly with MaNGOS

As such, I have created a project where I have been updating the addon that you can download a working version for MaNGOS with 3.3.5a client.


So far I have fixed a few bugs and gotten the ticketing system working.

Although, the tickets are not displaying for one of my GMs but it seems he is getting different chat messages for tickets than I do which may be a MaNGOS problem.

Is someone from MaNGOS willing to commit alterations for me to make the addon work better??

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