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Realmlist or Launcher

Guest alexluana

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I updated ONE of my wow clients to 3.0.2...and created a custom server...BUT...

I saw that the client doesn't connect to the server at all...

Anyways...rumors are saying that Bl!!z@rd are removing realmlist.wtf...and including the path address into de wow.exe....

1. Is it true?

2. What will be done in that situation?

Cheers and thx

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I try to change on my actual Installation, i have blizz account, and my personal server.

I have done 2 small batch file for change realmlist file and start wow.exe (dont use lanch.exe)

Everytime i start wow.exe he change realmlist file to default. I try to delete WTF and... (second directory dont remember name), but nothing, still same problem.

Anyone has my same problem?

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