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[Patch][6815] combat swapping of off-hand frills

Guest mobel

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What bug does the patch fix? What features does the patch add?

Implements combat swapping for off-hand frills like on retail.

Also Implements triggering of spells 6119 and 6123 (combat swap GCD) when weapons are switched during combat.

For which SubVersion revision was the patch created?

SVN rev 6767

Who has been writing this patch? Please include either forum user names or email addresses.

Me (mobel). Forum display name used to be simak before the forums were moved here.


Sorry for submitting this patch in SVN format, I'm still uncomfortable with the use of git. Learning slowly though.

Note that spells 6119 and 6123 do nothing atm, my patch only allows them to be cast upon weapon switch during combat (.cast 6119 in-game does nothing).

But when their dummy auras are implemented (not sure how to go about that yet, maybe for a future patch) Combat Swap GCD should work..I think.

Index: src/game/ItemPrototype.h
--- src/game/ItemPrototype.h    (revision 6767)
+++ src/game/ItemPrototype.h    (working copy)
@@ -552,6 +552,7 @@
            case INVTYPE_RELIC:
            case INVTYPE_SHIELD:
+            case INVTYPE_HOLDABLE:
                return true;

Index: src/game/Player.cpp
--- src/game/Player.cpp    (revision 6767)
+++ src/game/Player.cpp    (working copy)
@@ -9921,6 +9921,7 @@

Item* Player::EquipItem( uint16 pos, Item *pItem, bool update )
+    uint32 GcdCombatSwitchSpell = 0;
    if( pItem )
@@ -9948,8 +9949,12 @@
                if(pProto && isInCombat()&& pProto->Class == ITEM_CLASS_WEAPON && m_weaponChangeTimer == 0)
                    m_weaponChangeTimer = DEFAULT_SWITCH_WEAPON;
+                    GcdCombatSwitchSpell = 6119;
                    if (getClass() == CLASS_ROGUE)
-                        m_weaponChangeTimer = ROGUE_SWITCH_WEAPON;
+                    {
+                       m_weaponChangeTimer = ROGUE_SWITCH_WEAPON;
+                       GcdCombatSwitchSpell = 6123;
+                    }

@@ -9992,7 +9997,7 @@
            return pItem2;
+    if(GcdCombatSwitchSpell) CastSpell(this,GcdCombatSwitchSpell,true);
    return pItem;

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I took a look at the commit message, and what got committed was both the swapping of the offhand frills and the triggering of the combat swap spell. Arrai also fixed it up so that the spell id exists as a #define so that it can be changed easily.

AFAIK combat swap GCD still exists in 2.4.3 (and even 3.0.2 when I checked a few weeks ago), and since MaNGOS is still on 2.4.3 (in the stable branch at least) the triggering seems appropriate, imho :P (not that it really matters at this point since the spell itself isn't implemented)

I'm currently trying to find a way to implement the spells, but like thenecromancer i have no idea how to atm :(

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Those spells exists in the current 3.0.3 live servers, but there is no cast opcode send - they only appear in that cooldown packet.

From my point of view those Dummy effects don't have to be implemented, all they do is sending the cooldown. I assume the effects only exist because every spell has to have at least one effect :lol:

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