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Since my tiny family and friends server is nearing it's fourth birthday,

I decided to stick some clips together again.

Awesome thanks to everyone here and at related projects for the fun gaming sessions

we have experienced, for quite some time now. :)

And since none of this would have been possible for us without Mangos, UDB,

SD2, Acid, YTDB, I'd like to share it with you guys aswell.

Cheers & thanks guys!


(Vimeo seems to have fuxed up sound on sec 2.38<->2.39 though)


-Software used:

World of Warcraft Wotlk 3.3.5a (12340) 
Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0
Fraps 3.2.9

-Server revisions:

Mangos 11304
SD2 2016
UDB 400
Acid 3.0.8


Mangos 11777
SD2 2260
YTDB 605
ACID 3.0.8

Thanks to all people involved in Mangos & related projects!


*OST - The Dark Knight (Special Edition); Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard; A Watchful Guardian (Triggy re-cut^^)
*Wolfgang Gartner; Illmerica

-.avi info:

152mb (11.7gig uncompressed)
Xvid codec, 4000kbps, 30fps
840*524 (1680*1050/2)
mp3 192kbps


I hoped to been able to spent a bit more time editing & polishing, but my failing pc-hardware has forced me
to speed up the whole process. In the end, it started corrupting project-saves. 

Nonetheless, enjoy watching. =)

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