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Like DaC said, unless you do use a remote service, such as web-enabled administration or automation scripts like account creation, you can safely leave SOAP turned off.

If you are interested in setting up a web server to administrate your server and allow friends to sign up, take a look in the 3rd-Party projects section for some good "website in a box" kits.

I highly recommend you read through the mangosd and realmd conf files. There's many options for customizing your server, such as allowing more than two main professions, which can be very helpful for players on low-population servers.

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I have the GM setting in my mangosd.conf file set so GM mode is off when I log on. This way, if I forget to turn it off between sessions, I'm set back to being a normal player at my next login.

In your mangosd.conf file, look for the section labeled [em]GAME MASTER SETTINGS[/em].

Set the value of [em]GM.LoginState[/em] to zero ( GM.LoginState = 0 ) to have GM mode turned off every time you log onto your server. This is a global setting and will affect [em]all[/em] GMs on your server.

The default setting is two ( GM.LoginState = 2 ), which remembers the last state at log out. If you had GM mode turned on, then it will be on the next time you log in. If you had it off, then GM mode will be off next time you log in.

One sure way to know if you have turned GM mode on for your character is all the names of the NPCs you encounter will appear in yellow-colored text, indicating they are regarded as neutral toward you. This is most easily noticed if you bump into an NPC or player from the opposing faction when you know they should be hostile.

Green = Friendly, Red = Hostile, Orange = Unfriendly, Yellow = neutral.

You can easily set GM mode with a simple chat command. By typing .gm on you will set yourself as GM.

Typing .gm off will set you back to normal player status.

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