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mabye someoe can help me out,i found maze event in mangos.ru


without translator:http://ru-mangos.ru/showthread.php?t=4326

there is core patch...i added it manually but i stumble on one error and im not that good with core edits

so i was wondering if someone can take a look and try to fix it:D


error is like that

3>..\\..\\src\\game\\Level2.cpp(5942) : error C2660: 'GameObject::Create' : function does not take 14 arguments

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This is the correct format for Gameobject::Create

GameObject::Create(uint32 guidlow, uint32 name_id, Map *map, float x, float y, float z, float ang, float rotation0, float rotation1, float rotation2, float rotation3, uint32 animprogress, GOState go_state)

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thanks tim is complied fine and all is working but i have little problem i cant see the maze and i dont have graveyard there it like decreasing my hp and error is like that

2012-03-08 23:14:30 Table `game_graveyard_zone` incomplete: Zone 3817 Team 67 does not have a linked graveyard.

and a picture how it looks,its first spot were the quest teleports you

mabye you know whats the prob?


oke i got what was the problem

a custom patch reznik era

but weirdhow can custom mpq broke it

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you are on the wrong map the maze is created on map 13 you can go there by tele to test area

i didnt used the quest or checked the quests i only teleport to test area and check if the maze was created.

.tele test

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i was on the right map,but the mpq patch had that map13 edited and i didit see the maze or wasent able to go on map 13, but now edited my mpq and all is fine....thanks dude...its useful custom thing on mangos:D

lets keep a bit custom stuff alive to...

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