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[Four] Regarding The Developer Subforums

Unkle Nuke

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Since each major branch of MaNGOS now has their own sections, it was wondering about organizing posts within the sub-forums for core, database, and scripting.

It's my understanding these sub-forums are where all development will be discussed and work is done. Such work has, historically, been of two types. There is the serious work of actual core development, where features are implemented to bring MaNGOS ever closer to 100% full emulation. The other type of coding projects are considered to be modifications, or mods, intended as something fun or of great usefulness, tailored to the whims and needs of the unique environment of a private server, but are not considered to be "retail" behavior.

I propose that posts be tagged to help easily identify these differences, where actual development bears the tag [Dev] while modifications bear the [Mod] designation. These tags would be placed as a prefix to the post topic.

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Without getting shot down in flames..... is it worth creatng MOP forum areas ?

Well to be honest, Mists of Pandaria... It's a bit early to start such a sub-forum. If the big heads decide for MOP Support, then your dream will come true.

My Opinion: Developing MOP in an early stage is bad. Just try to think of other Projects who tried to do the same with Cataclysm, develop every single patch that Blizzard brings up. They all failed. So its better to finish the Cataclysm first, as it is on latest Patch and then move on MOP, but not right now.

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It would also help development for there to be an actual release of MoP on Blizzard's end. :lol:

The PTR client and 5.0.4 pre-patch are useful for getting an idea of where things are headed, but any such code derived from that data would be considered experimental, at best.

If you truly want to hang out on the bleeding edge, Antz, you can grab the 500 branch of the MaNGOS repository and begin hacking away. Just be prepared for the fact that you can spend days or weeks working on things, only to end up tossing out whole swaths of code when MoP finally does go live.

The only advantage in that is you'll at least have a better idea of where to start, versus those jumping in cold.

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I'm saying to release a mangos release now, rather a dev discussion area.

I have a general question.

Which version does any data for v5.0.4 belong too - Cata or MOP ?

I have started to analyse the DBC files from 5.0.4 and they are significantly different to 4.3.4.

- part of my work for the AD.exe changes to check it works on all versions of wow

I was just looking for somewhere to post my findings which might help someone further along the line.

As far as any more live data from cata, I think that boat may have already left - what we have is what we have !

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We did have a development section for MoP. I don't know the exact reasons for it being redacted. That territory belongs to the dev team.

Salja is Lead Developer. If enough people ask him to reopen the MoP development forum, he just may do so. Otherwise, I can only advise you to keep working away on 5.x.x data and offer what you can when a MoP project is officially launched.

As for 5.0.4 data, it is regarded as MoP, for development purposes. Even though the pre-patch is, technically, part of Cataclysm, it is transitioning the game mechanics and data over to the Mists Of Pandaria structure.

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5.0.4 is Mists of Pandaria but Locked on live Realms. You can view items and Mounts online only by getting the Code.

DBC and more will be different ofcourse as it MOP Client.

Just think why you downloaded 6GB more. :D

I would recommend you to leave MOP untill we decide when to open a Branch. Till then you can always help any other Branch of MaNGOS.

Thank you for your interesting but I would suggest to leave MOP for now. :) Enjoy and Have fun!

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