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MaNGOS Manager

Le Froid

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Hello all!

I've been trying to familiarize myself with the QT library lately, and thought that making a simple application for MaNGOS would be a good way to get started. I'm calling it MaNGOS Manager.

This application will launch both realmd and the bash script run-mangosd in the background for you, and will keep them running as long as the manager window is still up. Now this isn't an advanced app by any means, but it does everything I want it to do which makes me happy (as a self taught programmer with intermediate skills).

In case anyone would like to try it out the source code can be downloaded at http://filebeam.com/7660032562ccd04e0e4fdcc829617760. It was created and tested on a FreeBSD machine but should also work on any *nix machine (OS X included). To compile it yourself you will need to have QT installed, as well as qmake and/or QT Creator. Enjoy!

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