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I'm a french student, please scuse me for my very bad english, google translate is my friend >_<

I follow mangos since 2008, I learned programming langage with this project and I discovered many things. I am probably a fan? I don't know but this is the only project that is close to my heart since I started in computer.

I jumped for joy this morning when i'm connect to getmangos.eu, I saw an official server and the development of MaNGOS for 4.3.4 clients.

But what is the objective of this project? Created MaNGOS server and tracks bugs for debug database but this debug will be open-source? It's a blizzlike debug for look like to official server?

It is a definitive server or just a beta test? Why mangos has not created any official server in the past?

It would be interesting to create additional server for over versions?

Scuse me again for my expression sad and thank you for reading

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MaNGOS is currently developing servers for all major client versions. This includes World Of Warcraft 1.12, The Burning Crusade 2.43, Wrath Of The Lich King 3.3.5a, Cataclysm 4.3.4, and Mists Of Pandaria 5.x.

The goal of these projects is to reproduce 100% functional retail game content. In the process, it is hoped those participating will receive a practical, hands-on education in the best practices and technical skills required for creating large-scale, robust game servers in multi-user environments.

MaNGOS promotes Open Source and Open Learning. We believe that making knowledge freely available for anyone so they may grow through learning, is a basic human right, both inherent and inalienable as a part of living.

As such, the source code is always free so anyone may learn from it and our forums are open to all that wish to participate, regardless of nationality, race, creed, religion, or any other status. Please feel free to ask questions when you need direction, to offer anwers when you can help the others, and to always work for the betterment of this community.

Do not concern yourself about language barriers. We have members from all over the world. Although english is the primary language used here, we don't demand perfect mastery. It is enough that you are able to effectively communicate. MaNGOS does have sub-forums for those wishing to engage in discussions with others in their native tongue. We have a MaNGOS en Francais forum.

On behalf of the MaNGOS Community, welcome back! :D

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Translating UnkleNuke post in french ->

ManGOS développe les versions les plus importante de WoW (1.12,2.4.3,3.3.5,4.3.4 & 5.0.4)

Le but du projet(MaNGOS) est de reproduire à 100% l'officiel(sans bugs,et avoir le même contenu) mais MaNGOS est un projet "d'éducation"avant tout (s'entrainer dans le C++,sql etc)

MaNGOS est & sera toujours open source, en etant open source plusieurs personne peuvent apprendre (comme toi) & partage leur savoir dans la bonne humeur.

Que tu sois,français,anglais,chinois ou autre ça n'a pas d'importance car MaNGOS utilise l'anglais comme langage primaire pour permettre à tout le monde de participer,comprendre sans aucun soucis. il y a même des sections pour les autres langues en bas du forum :)

en espèrant que ça t'aide, j'ai fais une traduction grossière.

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Ok thanks UnkleNuke

Merci pour la traduction Kaiosown, je comprend relativement bien l'anglais, c'est m'exprimer qui est dur :S

I know the "political" of project but i ask again,

Why are you creating a mangos-one server? For propose a full-debug DB and Scripts?

Will you creating over server's for over client versions? And debug all game a day?

How can I help project? I practise MySQL, PHP, HTML,CSS, JAVA etc... But I don't practise C++, I would like to but the source code of MaNGOS is very difficult for me...

Thanks for your patience with me ^^

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As stated in my initial response, MaNGOS is developing cores for all five versions of World Of Warcraft.

MaNGOS Master = Wrath Of The Lich King 3.3.5a

MaNGOS-Zero = World Of Warcraft 1.12

MaNGOS-One = The Burning Crusade 2.4.3

MaNGOS-Three = Cataclysm 4.3.4

MaNGOS-Four = Mists Of Pandaria 5.x ( currently 5.0.4 PTR )

Feel free to help with any MaNGOS version you wish. We always need more database developers, ScriptDev2 eventAI developers, and MaNGOS core C++ programmers. Documentation, guides, and tutorials are very much needed, as well.

No matter which version you choose, there is more than enough work to do.

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