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character outsourcing

Guest FeRkEl

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Hi ,

Is it Possible to outsource unused characters + related data from the Databases to speed them up?

and if its Possible what would be the best way, export to sql files?

export to another DB ( maybe on another server)?

and how could this work with upgrading, if the db table changes...

hope someone can help me :)


PS: hope its not in a wrong forum :/

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There was something called "writepdump" on mangos console. Not sure if that works, but it's probably better than exporting the data manually and rewriting item GUIDs later ..

For many chars is that a bit many console typing ^^

You can select the needed data and write them to an parallel table (or dump into a file) which you can put on an an different server, and when you need only parts of the data back,take the same core which is running on youre mainserver and create a chardump...or if you need the hole data export them all back...

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