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Master of the flash visual effects where control example, cast action and magic light effects (one in the body, the other at the foot), thank you

Mangos blink as if only one bright spot of light on the body at the foot of that one did not.

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Which version of Mangos are you using ?

.... Google Translate ....


https://github.com/mangos-wotlk/server the version of Mangos wotlk 12111 and it seems do not change much since then.

Since the spell blink does not work fine , i try to ask for help in community. Finally i get some help here http://getmangos.eu/bb/topic/449/problem-with-blink/ The bug was sovled but still not work normally.

Details are as below:

1.When casting the spell blink, it always doesnot show action like lifting the hands as the official does. It works well as long as you jump simultaneously.

2.It have some visual difference with blizzlike and trinity ,such as there is only one spark on body, and there should be another spark on the ground near to the feet(the point where you are teleport to ) when you are running.Cmangos has the same problems.

thanks in advance.

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