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Mist of Pandaria might be free to play


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as i've mentioned in various places before, I have an active account and now a lvl86 pally :)

- Any sniffs i can do to help, i just need some guidance on what to use and to use it.

Being a developer, I should be able to do the rest. Just not the knowledgeable when it comes to network stuff

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With all that I keep reading about Guild Wars 2, it may come to it that Activision has no choice but to make WoW into an F2P game.

I doubt they will do it anywhere near a well as GW2, given Activision's love of pay-for-gear/items model they have shoe-horned into every major title they own, including those acquired when they bought Blizzard.

That's why nothing Blizzard has published in the last few years holds the slightest interest for me. They lost their spirit that made them great. The games they make now are done according to Activison's corporate model.

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