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Creature Respawn Timers in zero



Hi there.

I was wondering where you got the info for the creature respawn timers.

Generally its fine, but I was messing around in Uldaman for instance and the elites outside are on a 5 minute respawn timer, making it terribly hard to do anything.

I believe they should be on a 10-minute timer? But I may be remembering wrong form 6 years ago.

I am loathe to use WoWd.org to get the timer info, as that seems to be up to date for the current 4.xx patches and the timers may be wrong to make it easier for dummies, like all of Wow nowadays. 8)

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I'm not sure respawn time is the sole issue for this problem. Yes, monsters respawn quickly but there are also too many monsters.

This is probably due to the pool system not working correctly. The same way you have too many collectibles (herbs, ore…) you have too many monsters because all monsters in one pool are spawn at the same time instead of only a part of them. Fargodeep mine is a good example of it.

Either the pool system affects the respawn time, either you progress too slowly due to the more numerous monster and you are then caught by the respawn time intended for fewer monsters.

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