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As anyone throught of building a real stable release?

Guest orignboy

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You know the sort of thing you get with say debian, cakephp, etc

I have even seen some of the mangos db project to things this way too!

Where a stable can be used by the masses and the devs can play with the all the broken stuff.

orignboy you seem intent on this idea that mangos is intended for the masses. this is clearly where you are making a mistake. mangos is not intended for the masses. that there are people that come here and get the source and contribute nothing to the project is an obvious fact but that does not mean that is the intent of the project. it also doesn't mean that mangos has to make it easier for these people.

mangos is a learning project it is intended to teach people how to program in c++ on this scale. people often start by getting the source and learning the compile and setup process and from there the intent is for people to learn the code and hopefully at some point feel comfortable enough to perhaps help in the development.

so to put it bluntly you will probably never see a release for the masses coming from this forum.

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Can we have a vote or something to just ban this guy?

The internet first came around as a place for scientists to share information quickly!

It was a free, sharing, learning place!

Thankfully thanks to various people and communities!

The internet is a free place, for developing stuff!

Unfortunitly it isn't so free now in alot of places

but the information is shared all over the internet so people can learn!

The original intentions of the internet where "good" just like google's slogan "don't be evil"

If you want to edit and compile your own version... then do it!

If mangos was to do something like that, it would be a community very quickly shut down.

Many private servers get shut down when they start to make money, or violate the terms and conditions of the Blizzard agreements.

This learning community does NOT break any Terms of service!

Because of that people are able to use this community as a educational project.

I personally have learnt how to use C++, SQL, PHP and a few other bits and bobs because of this project!

Stop trying to ruin it.

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lets just say that some of the pm's i received from him were "less than polite"

"We used to say that a million monkeys on a million typewriters would eventually recreate all the works of William Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true.

--Cheshire Catalyst

Ok, it's off topic... but this thread reminded me of the quote. :)

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I don't know how much this thread has been moderated or so, but I have something to add;

Mangos uses so-called rolling updates. That's a development style. If you want some references, see Gentoo's latest (well, "latest") news, it isn't something bad or so, it just means that nobody can get a tested, fixed and fully stable release without regressions. But it's faster, the code gets tested faster and such ... it has nothing to do with (im)possibility of learning "how to code".

If I'm ever going to have my own 112 public-wide repo, I'll probably use the Linux-kernel-similar style of development (with "stable" releases, release candidates, ...), because of the static client.

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This is my first post, and probably last for a bit of time - I just like to share codes that work, and squize it out of myself, with as little help as I can get on with.

And thats what I love about Mangos. Learned SQL, C++ and a bit od other things from here.

I don't hop it will never be stable, but while the big B out here is developing, so will we, so I'm not worried about loosing this hobby.

And just for one: I just made my SQL final at the University just because of this project - so one more "thx".

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i want to learn C++, i learned the Database and i know how to open DBC files and they are all nonsense to me.

I am willing to learn all about C++ if someone can be nice enough to explain to me how files in the \\Mangos\\src\\game are actually working :( i just am looking for a jumpstart

This is the kind of stuff that can get more hands on deck not just devs talking with devs ..sad really ^_^

(need an expert to a noob :D...so the noob can decide to change the "noobness") :P

any one supporting ? ;)

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