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Launcher Project?

Guest seodavid

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Hope it's ok to post this here,

Im intrested in doing more with C++, and thought a project that would be good to do would be to create a game "Launcher" that can run on M$ aswell as Linux/mac (Linux via wine possibly, or natively) im not sure about mac, not a mac user.

Whats required to make a app that can pull in a website url into the app as per set in a file before compile, with possible other features.

This came about from people using official games on linux boxes, that want a reliable launcher.

Anyone intrested in helping?

(Code would be opensource)

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As I have mostly used SourceForge, I set up a project there:

Thanks for Registering, IGuardian!

Your project is placed in a Pending state until the SourceForge.net staff is able to review and approve your project request. The approval process may take 1 to 3 business days.


If people want to help with this, please let me know, going to need some help.

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contact me using any messeenger, i have a working launcher in c++ for vc++ 6. its simple to get this working under linux (linux apps normally run under mac, too!).

ICQ: 317237863

MSN: [email protected]

GoogleMessanger (JABBER): [email protected]


YAHOO: olbi_is_the_best

1. :rolleyes:

2. :eek:


Have Phun!

Not if its VC++ it wont as you most likely used .net

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