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[One] mangos 2.4.3 public?



hi all

i have kinda hard to get ppl into my server.

i had it working before and the ports are open.

i can login whit my outside ip (that one i give my freinds)

but they get stack on the reamlist.

anyone know why? i happend for all my servers, 1.12.1 2.4.3 .3.3.5 .3.2.2

what to do thx for all help i can get^^

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i get no error at all.

i get logon to my server from my server pc and my laptop (they are on the same network as the server are on)

but i'm useing my ip that outside player should use to logon. so i should be if i can't get in they shouled be able to get in.

here is the problem. i can login and play.

but they can't get in. i have tryd with and without hamashi. but still i can get in but not others.

this is for all my wows, 1.12.1 2.4.3 3.3.5 and 3.2.2.

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Few Things.

In your realmlist address table it should have your external domain or IP address. (Depending on how you're doing it)

Second thing.

Port 3724 - Realmserver Port

Port 8085 - Your actual Realm Port

Can't think of anything else that actually NEEDS to be open, but there are some other ports if those aren't working for you.


Actually A couple things. Not a few.

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search these forums, there are several solutions mentioned elsewhere

Wow, good help this one! i'm impressive!.

skipping over the sarcasm...

search for 'realmlist wan' on the forum search, several of the returned results should provide answers as it is such a common question

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hmm. i have set it right i know that for if i have not done that i shoulden't be able to login my self right?

but i think i can't really fix this problem cuz its working in my hose network maybe i need to see if i can get outside i try it form one on my freinds pc. will check on that. cuz all the configs are right set up.

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