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[mangos-zero] help with the guide in the forum


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Hello from Portugal to everyone.

I am a player from blizz live, but for the fun, and cause i miss so much vanilla, im trying to make a home server to have fun with 4 friends from live.

Ive made a lot of search in the web and in this forum, and the best guide ive fond was here, so i start it it untill i get stuck in step 7.

The guide is this one: http://getmangos.eu/bb/topic/158/from-nothing-to-online-server-mangos-zero-windows

I wrote there asking for help but maybe its a old topic and noone reads it anymore, so, sorry for double post :P

i´ve made all the steps until 7, and i´m stuck in the part where i need the folder "...contrib/vmap_extract_assembler_bin/ "

i dont have it. in contrib folder i have :








doing a search, i canf even find the makevmaps_simple.bat file

am i not reading the guide well or something is missing?

can i download the file or folder and add it to the contrib folder?

Then i got this help:

if you are using mangos zero, then:

- copy ad.exe from contrib/extractor directory to WoW main folder and run it;

- build project in contrib / vmap_extractor_v3 (building instructions are in repository). copy exe file to WoW folder and run it;

- build project in contrib/vmap_assembler (building instructions are in repository). copy exe file to WoW folder and run it from command line with two parameters (two directory names, both must exist).

you'll get 3 directories (od 4, don't remember): dbc, mmaps, vmaps. and you will use them later as it says in main post.

if it's not clear, there are readmy files in each folder, in repository, you'll get more info how to build and run each project .

And i made shit...

there is something i am not doing right, i think i made the mistake of running vmapextractor3_vc100 in his folder, in contrib.

then i made a copy to wow forder and run it and i got an error in microsoft visual:

"one or more projects in the solution were not loaded correctly. please see the output window for detail"

this was there :

C:\\dep\\libmpq\\win\\VC100\\libmpq.vcxproj : error : Project "C:\\dep\\libmpq\\win\\VC100\\libmpq.vcxproj" could not be found.

C:\\win\\VC100\\zlib.vcxproj : error : Project "C:\\win\\VC100\\zlib.vcxproj" could not be found.

C:\\win\\VC100\\bzip2.vcxproj : error : Project "C:\\win\\VC100\\bzip2.vcxproj" could not be found.

did i made a mistake somewere and i need to start over? i have made a copy of all the server and compiled folders before i start this step.

I think i dont have the need to say, im a bumb in emus. So if someone could help like if you were talking do a blonde, plz :)


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That guide is outdated. YOu have to build (compile) the extractor and such now. The batch file does not come with Zero either. You shouldn't need it though. I am at work right now and do not have exact directions, but you should be able to find a Visual Studio project file for the extractor tools in a folder somewhere in your project-tree.

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Is there any change that this guide will be updated, theres a lot of repacks, but i think this is the perfect oportunity to start to learn something more than play :P

its a challenge and i dont know to much about programing, but its a perfect excuse to start to learn

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Yeah that is an old guide. Unfortunately all of my servers are actually servers, meaning Linux for stability, security, and low memory footprint. I have not compiled the server on Windows and cannot offer assistance, but I can easily show you how to do this on Linux. Specifically Debian Squeeze, though Ubuntu, Kubuntu, etc should be the same.

Off-topic for a sec, Debian 7 comes out soon, woohoo!

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I´ve read somewhere that it is possible to run linux on windows like in a sandbox or domething just to run the server, it is true? i will make a search about it, or ill just install linux on another partition. should i winstall ubuntu or wait for debian 7? debian 7 already have a beta release, should i wait for a more stable version?

ty for help

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You can "run linux on Windows" by using a virtual machine - there's also ways to do it using cygwin, doing some wizardry, and chrooting into the install somehow. In my opinion, this just adds overhead when you can run a small server fine from Windows. I'm not exactly certain where the install is failing for you - is it the compile errors, or the generation of maps with the extractor?

One thing I learned when compiling with VS2010 vs VS2008 was in 2008, you could double click the solution file with no issues, but using 2010, you had to open VS2010, then File > Open Project/Solution and navigate to your SLN file to get it to open properly.

If I get a chance in a few, I'll try to drop a Server03 image and document what I do to get it running.

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I prepared a guide for building a Windows MAngos WOLK Server as a virtual Machine.

I took a slightly different approach to most and also made the server the build server, but the steps are fairly obvious

I prepared it while I was creating a server, its a bit old now but the majority of it will still be valid

Its a word document, but happy to share it with anyone - just PM me and let me know your email address and i'll send it

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You're right, VM's do take some overhead to operate and would be heck just to run a single program such as the server. I will release my guide as a PDF later today or tomorrow. I'll give it to the community as a Christmas present! I would also recommend you use PDF as well, since Office costs money and not everybody uses LibreOffice which does MS format, PDF, and the open formats.

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