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help compiling under windows



when i try to compile ScriptDev2 i get this error

OS win7

Visual C++ 2010

i have git installed

mangos-wotlk works fine same configuration

mangos zero works fine

d:\\mangos\\cata\\server\\src\\bindings\\scriptdev2\\VC100\\100ScriptDev2.vcxproj.filters : warning  : Unable to read the filters file "100ScriptDev2.vcxproj.filters". Please unload the project "100ScriptDev2.vcxproj" to be able to edit it. 
d:\\mangos\\cata\\server\\src\\bindings\\scriptdev2\\VC100\\100ScriptDev2.vcxproj.filters(1949,3): The project file could not be loaded. The 'ClCompile' start tag on line 1031 position 2 does not match the end tag of 'ItemGroup'. Line 1949, position 3.

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Ok, there is definitely a problem with the scriptdev filters file... I did a quick test...

I renamed the scriptdev2\\VC100\\100ScriptDev2.vcxproj.filters to something else, then loaded the solution as normal.

I then did a 'clean solution', then did a release build, this built ok.

So for the time being that should be enough to get you going, i'll report the issue

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