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WoW 2.4.3



Hi everybody

In the last few weeks I tried to make a good 2.4.3 WoW Server. To feel the Burnig Crusade and the Classic Feeling. What I felt was just angry, because whatever I did, there were allways errors. I tried to made my own server(Oregon, Arcemu, Mangos, Skyfire ...) in the end I used a repack who had the same fu****g problems like me.

So I hope somebody can help me with some facts:

1. Who can make the whole AQ Quests without any cheats or modification? (For example manual event starts ... quest complete command ...)

2. Who can tell me where the actual updated form of mangos one 2.4.3 server is? where are the sources ... I just find something ... and on the next page, I found out, that was just a old version

3. Has anybody a good howto for the compilation of mangos one?

4. Is mangos one really the best core for WoW 2.4.3?

I'm sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand what I mean.

Kind Regards


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Hi.... The most current version of Mangos One is at http://github.com/mangosone.

A lot of work has been put into this version and its currently under active development.

I couldn't say if it is better than other cores, but at least its what i know.

Are you using Windows or Unix based systems to compile ?

The Main getMangos website is due to go live in the next few days - which should help everyone find the information they need



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wow good news with the webside ;) I could use both. I'm junior linux admin and I don't have much exp in Windows but I can learn ;) and I did eevry compile on windows in the past.

ok and there is the db and scrivtdev too?

had you ever tested the AQ quests? what should I do when a Quest bugs?

Thanks and Regards


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if you can give us a little time.....

The new website answers those questions too, since there are links to the sources, issues and wiki's for each of the cores.

There are 3 projects at http://github.com/mangosone

Server, Database and Scripts

These should be all the parts you need to get compiling ;)

There are posts on building under Windows and Unix, but you will have to search for these as i'm not sure where atm.

Bug logging will be there shortly !

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@Salja So every Bug is a human failure bug? Because for example I had the problem, that the last event doesn't work. The event with the gong. So you make me hope ;) I think I'll try again. have you got a howto Salja? :) I hope it's the same like compiling a oregon core ^^

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You can use any of them , but if you have quest issues - You will need to post your issues on their forums as the chances are we will be unable to help you that much as you won't be using our database.

If you use our Database, we can easily try and reproduce any problems and help you

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Like all other WoW private server projects, MaNGOS is a work in progress. You can expect to encounter bugs, missing or incomplete features, and quests that are broken. It's unrealistic to expect everything to work 100% when this project is done by people working in their spare time for no pay.

Please create a post for each bug in the proper forum section of the MaNGOS server you are using and someone will try to help resolve the problems. Alternatively, you can post bug reports in the Issues Tracker at the Github repository of the MaNGOS core in question. Be aware that some bugs are due to fundamental core features that have not been fully implemented. In such cases, it may be quite some time before related game features can be fixed.

You can speed things along by getting involved and help with programming MaNGOS. Otherwise, be patient and we'll get more features working as time permits.

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