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[fix] typo

Guest balrok

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To be honest I think they worked around this typo. I tried this patch and it caused quests to display incorrectly when interacting with an NPC.

Are you sure? He fixed all 4 matches in current master

# grep Ineract src/ -R -n
src/game/Creature.h:431:        bool isCanIneractWithBattleMaster(Player* player, bool msg) const;
src/game/Creature.cpp:653:bool Creature::isCanIneractWithBattleMaster(Player* pPlayer, bool msg) const
src/game/Creature.cpp:758:                        if(!isCanIneractWithBattleMaster(pPlayer,false))
src/game/Creature.cpp:806:            isCanIneractWithBattleMaster(pPlayer,true);     // output error message if need

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