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[solved[database error (mangoszero)


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Problem solved. Will post about how tommorow.

I downloaded and compiled the server and then ran all the required SQL scripts. When I try to run the world server I get this error:

SQL: SELECT required_z2241_s1878_12344_01_mangos_command FROM db_version LIMIT 1
query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_z2241_s1878_12344_01_mangos_command' in 'field list'
The table `db_version` in your [WORLD] database indicates that this database is out of date!

 [A] You have: --> `z2193_s1826_12279_01_mangos_creature_template.sql`

 [b] You need: --> `z2241_s1878_12344_01_mangos_command.sql`

You must apply all updates after [A] to [b] to use mangos with this database.
These updates are included in the sql/updates folder.
Please read the included [README] in sql/updates for instructions on updating.

Now I haven't uploaded the client data yet (I want to make sure I get it right first) and this might be the issue, but judging by the completely different filenames being compared here I think the issue might be with a script. Realmd works fine.

Sorry if this has already been answered.

Edit: Also the scriptdev2.conf.dist file is missing from the etc folder. According to scriptdev2's CMakeList.txt file, it should be there.

install(FILES scriptdev2.conf.dist.in DESTINATION ${CONF_DIR} RENAME scriptdev2.conf.dist)

Upon further examination absolutely nothing from ScriptDev2 has been added. I've tried with both src/bindings/scripts and src/bindings/ScriptDev2 as the folder names.

I think ScriptDev2 not being "patched" into mangos was the issue, but when I try to run the git apply command, I get an error that reads "patch does not apply."

Edit2: I managed to get the ScriptDev2 patch to work. Rebuilt the server and still scriptdev2.conf.dist is missing.

Edit3: Turns out applying the .sql patches in server/sql/updates did the trick. I should have done more research. Now mangosd asks for data files which I'm in the middle of uploading. I'm still irked about the ScriptDev2 stuff being absent though.

Edit4: The git patch in src/bindings/scripts/patches seems to be broken. Turns out editing src/bindings/CMakeLists.txt manually works. I feel stupid for not figuring this out earlier. Now I'm recompiling and it includes scriptdev2 just fine. Will update again if I run into more trouble.

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