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Which 3rd Party Addons / Mods should be promoted on the new website ?


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I think there may be a problem with that idea since blueboy publicly announced in the Playerbot forums that they were dropping MaNGOS and adopting Cmangos as the official core supported by the playerbot code. This was done within a week after Cmangos was established. I'm a big fan of Playerbot, but how do we officially endorse an addon that no longer supports us?

I cast my vote for MaNGOLin. Bannor's MaNGOS server admin utility has been a part of this community almost since the beginning. His work is definitely worthy of more support from us! :)

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From MegaSus:

I released my project CharImport a while ago, it allows you to copy accounts and characters from one database to another.

You might want to check that out. It works cross emu and should also work with mangos2, however I did not test it with mangoszero.

It was actually designed exactly for such cases.

If you need help, simply contact me.

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