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O..o? Compiler Error C3668...When I try to Compile Script of zero



win7 vs2010

it says:

"d:\\mangos\\server-master\\src\\bindings\\scriptdev2\\scripts\\eastern_kingdoms\\naxxramas\\naxxramas.h(190): error C3668: “instance_naxxramas::GetData”: 包含重写说明符“override”的方法没有重写任何基类方法"

"d:\\mangos\\server-master\\src\\bindings\\scriptdev2\\scripts\\eastern_kingdoms\\blackwing_lair\\blackwing_lair.h(65): error C3668: “instance_blackwing_lair::GetData”: 包含重写说明符“override”的方法没有重写任何基类方法"






so on...

method with override specifier 'override' did not override any base class methods

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