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Anyone know of a 'sign up for the server/see server status' script ?


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I would imagine these would normally be version specific due to significant changes in the character table between versions. If it was just a logon / account creation page - it should work on all version since the realm database is virtually unchanged.

- It may just be a case of checking what 'expansion' flag is being set and adjusting it appropriately

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Thank you for this, LittleCarl.

Anyone who is interested, it takes very minor alteration to the code in this example to make it work for a vanilla server. Just remove the error checking on the variable "$tbc" and remove the "expansion" SQL insert values. Even if you're running a vanilla server, the database will have the "expansion" field so it's not going to break either way. If you don't care enough to remove the error checking, you can just put "$tbc = 0;" in front of the SQL insert query and remove the checkbox from the HTML form.

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