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[Wiki] Where would I find and modify the list of unacceptable names

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Alright. I'm in the process of installing [email protected], but in the meantime, I have two questions which hopefully can be easily answered:

1) I would like to alter the way the client shows whether a GM is on or off... IE, I would like to drop the <GM> Astrid (example) for +Astrid+. Where would I go about doing this or is this a client thing where I would have to mangle the MPQ files to try and figure this out or is it in the mangos source code?

2) Where would I find and modify the list of unacceptable names? My friend tried to create a character with the name Baroni and the system said that it was an invalid name. So he had to go with Barani. How do I get WoW/Mangos to accept Baroni with an O?

2A) I found this one out on my own. Took some "thinking outside my little box" to do it, but got it. The facts were simple enough: In the dbc directory there are the name files the "NamesReserved.dbc" file is where I found out that a open-ended "Baron" was not allowed. Hence, no Baroni. However, I went a step further and just modified my friend's account directly in the database in hopes that that would bypass the reserved names file and it sure did. He's got his Baroni instead of Barani now. ;) Now to just figure out how the GM flag is displayed over the GM's head.

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