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Windows and Linux, a difference ?



Hi !

I now (since two days actually) a problem.

I have a server on which I added commands. My core was old and dated for about 2 years.

So I wanted to update and still have my commands and additions that I made above.

So I grabbed the sources of new MaNGOS on the official repositories, I've compiled and added my changes, I compiled again and everything goes well.

Therefore follows the testing phase involved :

Everything works perfectly on Windows, but when I tested these same sources compiled without errors on Linux, I get the following output when I try to run the following commands:

Table `command` have nonexistent command #mycommand, skip

Where is the problem, how to resolve it, do you have some clue?



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Linux and Windows are just operating systems. Your problem lies within your database on the Linux host. I would start with your world database. Specifically, the commands table. Make sure it is correct there. Also, if you added code to your core, you have to re-add that code after updating.

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Yes, I've made all the updates needed.

I've recently check my database and I imported the windows database (those one wich worked) but ... same error.

I've erased my mangos database and only implement the full_mangos wich is in the git package and ... same error too.

I don't know where to search to fix it.

Maybe this is my sources but it compile and I've check many times.

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For example, I followed the instructions in this patch and I applied by hand on files.

Link of patch

In the game, no change is made, the command .gob del tells me to specify a guid of a game object then it should work as follows:

I order .gob tar, it tells me a game object. The core keeps this object in "memory" and if I do the .gob del command right after, he understands that this is the last game object to delete.

My second problem (which I think is related to the first because similar) is the application of this patch, special commands:

Same here, I have all applied by hand, adapting any compilation errors.

It is on these commands I error : Table `command` have nonexistent command confrerie, skip

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